Energinet is an independent public enterprise owned by the Danish Ministry of Climate and Energy. We own, operate and develop the transmission systems for electricity and natural gas in Denmark.

Executive Board

Our executive board is in charge of the day-to-day management of Energinet.

Supervisory Board

Energinet’s supervisory board sets our corporate strategy and oversees the day-to-day business decisions of the executive board.

Organisational chart

Energinet’s departments at a glance.

Executive board

Energinet’s executive board is in charge of the day-to-day management of Energinet in accordance with the instructions of the Supervisory Board.

Peder Østermark Andreasen

+45 76 22 41 50

Torben Thyregod

+45 76 22 43 01

Torben Glar Nielsen

+45 76 22 44 00

Corporate functions

Strategy and Communication

Strategy & Communication handles executive management support, strategy development, stakeholder relations, and communication.

Hans Erik Kristoffersen
Head of Strategy & Communication



Energinet’s HR mission is to attract, retain and develop leaders and employees that create a work environment which enables Energinet to accomplish its goals.

Dorthe Vinther
Head of Human Resources


Group Legal Affairs

The Group Legal Affairs department provides support regarding legal issues, risk management, emergency preparedness, and quality assurance.

Annette Ikast
Head of Group Legal Affair


Group Economy

Group Economy provides group management with current economic reports. Group Economy is also responsible for interfacing with the office of the auditor general of Denmark as well as in-house auditors.

Thomas Berg Jakobsen
Group Financial Controller

Business Services

Business Services supports the group and group business units with IT, procurement, financial services and facility service.

Marianne Hansen
Head of Business Services
+45 29 49 42 70


Energinet’s IT departement provides IT services and system development for the group and group business units. IT is responsible for providing effecient and safe information technolgy that supports Energinet's business processes.

Henrik Lang Petersen  
Director, IT
+45 60 66 60 93


Procurement supports the group and group entities throughout the procurement process, including EU calls for tender and contracts.

Kasper Vestergaard Larsen
Director, Procurement
+45 76 22 43 28

Finance and Facility Services

Søren Iversen Hjørlund
Director, Finance and Facility Services
+45 76 22 41 00


Engineering and Construction

Engineering and Construction is responsible for O & M and construction work in the Danish gas transmission system.

Peter Hodal
Head of Engineering and Construction
+45 30 92 30 62


Control Centre Gas

Control Centre Gas is responsible for monitoring the Danish gas transmission system and system balance in addition to development and administration of the national security of supply.

Henrik Bay
Head of department, Control Centre Gas
+45 30 92 30 62


O & M

O & M is responsible for the operation and maintenance of Denmark’s gas transmission system

Per Stangholm Jakobsen
Head of Department, O & M
+45 23 33 89 50


Construction and Support


Biogas Plant and Metering

Biogas Plant and Metering assists in the process of connecting biogas facilities to receiving stations and compressor stations, and also meters gas volume and gas quality for settlement purposes.

Max Hansen
Head of Department, Biogas Plant and Metering
+45 25 19 46 01


Storage and Logistics

Storage and Logistics is responsible for ensuring that Energinet is equipped with the right components and machinery to respond to an emergency preparedness situation.

Susanne Bernbom
Head of Department, Storage and Logistics
+45 40 35 03 37

Electricity Transmission

Electricity Transmission is responsible for operating and developing the Danish electricity transmission grid.

Torben Glar Nielsen
+45 23 33 89 00



Planning is responsible for research and planning of electricity transmission facilities to ensure that Energinet constructs and reinvests in the right infrastructures at the right time.

Henrik Riis
Director, Planning
+45 23 33 86 00


Project Management

Project Management is responsible for project planning and execution of projects that have received final approval.

Marian Petrea Kaagh
Director, Project Management
+45 23 33 86 88


Engineering and Technology

Engineering and Technology is responsible for expansions of and reinvestments in the facilities and transmission systems that form the Danish electricity transmission grid.

Bjarne Christian Gellert
Director, Engineering and Technology
+45 23 33 85 72



Henrik Brinkman Madsen
Director, Assets
+45 23 33 86 86

Electricity system operator

Electricity System Operator is responsible for the operation and development of the electricity market design and bal-ancing the electricity system.

Søren Dupont Kristensen
Head of Electricity System Operator
+45 23 33 86 31


Electricity System Operation

Electricity System Operation is responsible for monitoring and balancing the electricity transmission grid.

Klaus Winther
Director, Electricity System Operation
+45 24 91 98 74


Electricity System Development

Electricity System Development is responsible for market analysis, investment planning and security of supply for the electricity system.

Bjarne Brendstrup
Director, Electricity System Development
+45 30 67 46 93


Electricity Market

Electricity Market is responsible for supporting and developing the electricity market.
Signe Horn Rosted
Director, Electricity Market
+45 23 33 89 92



DataHub is responsible for ensuring the well-functioning operation of DataHub and also provides DataHub support for market players.

Martin Lervad Lundø
Director, DataHub
+45 23 33 88 99


TSO Gas is responsible for operation and maintenance of the Danish gas transmission system and development of the gas market.

Torben Brabo
Head of TSO-GAS
+45 44 87 33 60


Gas System Operator

Gas System Operator is responsible for operation of the gas system and development of the gas market.

Jeppe Danø
Director, Gas System Operator
+45 23 33 88 05


Gas Transmission

Gas Transmission is responsible for operation, maintenance and development of the gas transmission system.

Torben Brabo
Director, Gas Transmission
+45 44 87 33 60

Gas Storage Denmark

Gas Storage Denmark operates the two storage sites owned by Energinet: One in Stenlille in the middle of Zealand, and one in Lille Torup in the northern part of Jutland. Gas Storage Denmark operates the two storage facilities as a single company and on commercial terms and conditions. Gas Storage Denmark offers commercial players in the gas market the flexibility that gas storage provides, and contributes to the security of supply of the entire gas transmission system. 

Adam Elbæk
Head of Gas Storage Denmark
+45 30 67 47 34


Lille Torup Gas Storage

Lille Torup Gas Storage is responsible for operation and maintenance of the storage facility in Lille Torup, which consists of seven salt dome caverns that are used for storage and extraction of natural gas.

Allan Therkelsen
Head of department, Lille Torup Gas Storage
+45 61 24 44 03


Stenlille Gas Storage

Stenlille Gas Storage is responsible for operation and maintenance of the storage facility in Stenlille.
Stenlille Gas storage is constructed as an acquifier storage facility which stores the gas in water-filled sand beds
approximately 1,500 m below the ground surface.

Kristian Asmussen
Head of department, Stenlille Gas Storage
+45 61 24 43 71


Sales and Planning

Sales and Planning is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Energinet’s gas storage business and is in charge of all sales activities, product development, risk management, strategy, and business development for the gas storage company.

Hans-Åge Nielsen
Head of department, Sales and Planning
+45 44 87 35 16

DGD - Dansk Gas Distribution

DGD - Dansk Gas Distribution distributes gas to more than 120.000 Danish homes and companies. DGD is a grid company owned by Energinet. Visit DGD’s website here.

Carsten Jensen
+45 23 33 85 10


Asset and Customer Support

Pernille Høgstrøm Resen
Senior Manager, Asset and Customer Support
+45 25 19 46 58


Regulation and Customer Processes

Lotte Burchard
Senior Manager, Regulation and Customer Processes
+45 25 19 45 09


Market and Business Development