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Invitation to market consultation of Open Season 2017 rules regarding the Baltic Pipe Project

Published 6.12.2016 19.09
Energinet.dk and GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. is initiating the process that is expected to lead to Open Season where all potential shipppers will be invited to bid for capacity in the potential new gas pipeline from Norway to Denmark and Poland.
The process
The first step is to publish The Model Paper today.
During the next couple of days, Energinet.dk and GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. will publish the documents regarding the Open Season procedure for market consultation. Thereby both TSOs would like to consult with all relevant stakeholders of the Baltic Pipe Project the Open Season procedure, scheduled for 2017.
Information meeting about the planned Open Season process for the Baltic Pipe Project
The meeting will take place 8th of December from 9 am to 12 am at the location of Energinet.dk in Denmark (Copenhagen, Ballerup).  
To register to the Information meeting, please send an email to: open-season2017@energinet.dk  and to openseason@gaz-system.pl no later than the 6th of December.
Please state the information  (name, company and e-mail) of all the participants.
Please submit your confirmation in English.
The Baltic Pipe Project
The purpose of the Open Season process is to collect long-term investment signals for the Baltic Pipe Project before final investment decision is taken. The Open Season process will take place in a transparent and non-discriminatory way in accordance with current EU regulation.
The Baltic Pipe Project is a major gas infrastructure project that aims at creating a new supply corridor for gas in the European gas market; for the first time, it will enable shippers to flow gas directly from Norway to the markets in Denmark and Poland together with their neighbouring markets. Moreover, it will also enable shippers to flow gas bidirectional from Poland to the Danish and Swedish markets.
The Baltic Pipe Project is a major gas infrastructure project that aims at creating a new supply corridor for gas the EU gas market and thereby achieving three main goals:
  • Integrating the Danish-Swedish and Polish gas markets by means of supply competition and bidirectional trading with the aim of ensuring increased price convergence.
  • Strengthening regional security of supply by providing access to Norwegian gas for the Danish-Swedish and Polish gas markets and additionally for the markets in the wider Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Specific for the Danish gas system, further increase the load-factor of exist-ing infrastructure in order to reduce tariffs to the benefit of users of the infra-structure.
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